Flexible Materials

Triflex produces a wide range of specifications designed to meet the needs of many different markets. Whether it be high barrier, processing speed or physical protection that is required, our experts can advise on the best specification for your pack.

By selecting from our range of metallised or white opaque films and papers, the appearance of your pack can also be enhanced to give that extra shelf appeal.

Typical specifications can include one or more of the following substrates:

Paper: Coated or machine glazed

Foil: In combination with paper or polyester film (PET)

Polypropylene Films (OPP): Used as a monoweb or laminated to itself in metallised form

Polyester Films (PET): Used laminated foil and/or polyethylene

Sealant Layers: Polyethylene (PE) is used in a number of different forms as a sealant. It can be used as a film laminated to another substrate. Metallocene, ionomer and barrier variants are available. Alternatively it can be used as a co-extruded coating on paper and foil based laminates to enhance sealability.

Whatever your requirements, we can recommend the best specification for your requirements.